American Hardwood

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Hardwood Flooring from Hackworth Sawmill

American hardwoods are traditionally supplied in solid strip format in narrower widths than is normally found with European timber, typically from 52 or 63 mm. up to 114 or 127 mm. or their imperial equivalent, and lengths from 450 mm or less up to possibly 1.8 metres. However with current fashion for wider boards, it is sometimes possible to source American hardwood in wider width flooring, but it remains a good choice for those who prefer the appearance of narrower width floors, which tend to be more stable than wider boards, hence their use on dance floors, gymnasia, sports halls and squash courts.

The main timbers from North America are Oak, Canadian Maple, American Black Walnut, and Canadian Cherry. These give the customer a wide choice of colours from the pale cream of Maple through to the dark shades of American Black Walnut. They are all hard-wearing. American oak tends to be slightly more expensive than European oak, particularly in the wider boards, which can be supplied up to 200 mm wide, and although there are exceptions, on the whole American oak flooring has a straighter grain pattern. Otherwise there is little to choose between them in appearance, especially where the floor is to be finished with an oil-based sealer, and they have similar levels of durability

Canadian Maple

Canadian maple is a particularly durable American hardwood, and has fewer knots than many other timbers. In its natural grade, the timber has some darker colour variation. With its contrast to the pale cream of most of the boards, the darker streaks in the timber can add considerable character to the appearance of a room, and make for a floor which is unique.

American Black Walnut

Perhaps the most popular American hardwood is American black walnut. American black walnut flooring is difficult to source in wide boards and in prime grade, but less so in character or natural grade. In these grades it is characterised by the lighter, sometimes cream colour of the sap wood, which makes each floor individual and interesting.

Canadian Cherry

Canadian or American cherry has a pinkish colour, which darkens with time. Again, difficult to source in wider boards, it is readily available as solid strip flooring.

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