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Solid Wood Flooring from Hackworth Sawmill

Oak flooring is our most popular product. An oak floor provides the perfect background to enhance the content of a room, which is why it features so prominently in adverts for houses, furniture and furnishings. Oak flooring looks good in any situation, is easy to maintain and keep clean, and has none of the potential health hazards associated with carpets. Above all, oak floors are durable; with normal usage they can last hundreds of years. Genuine oak flooring, either solid oak or a good quality engineered board, enhances the value of any property, making it a sound investment.

European Oak

Our oak flooring is available in European oak and in American oak, in both character (or natural) and prime grade. A feature of our European oak flooring is the range of widths, up to 200 mm, and the long lengths which are normally up to 2.7 metres, giving the customer the advantages of a traditional solid oak floor. Since our oak flooring is machined to order. there are machining options, for example with or without micro-bevel, with tongue and groove or square edge, and there are finishing options as well, such as pre-sanding with the obvious advantage of leaving the problem of sawdust in the factory rather than dealing with it in your house, and pre-finishing for those who do not wish to apply their own sealer. For those who want a darker coloured oak floor, there are staining options from medium to dark oak, walnut and plum. We can also supply a whitened oak floor.

Oak Engineered Board

Our engineered European oak flooring is available in the same widths as our solid oak floors, and has the same staining options. However it is available only in light character grade, filled and sanded, and with a slight micro-bevel. There are some advantages of engineered wood flooring in that, in some situations,it is on the whole more stable than the solid equivalent, and so, particularly where it has an oriented strand board (OSB) or a ply backing, is a safer option where under-floor heating is concerned, or where the oak floor is to be glued to concrete, or fitted as a floating floor.

American Oak

Our American oak floors are similarly supplied in both solid and in engineered oak, but without the staining and sanding options, and in shorter lengths. There is essentially little difference in appearance between European and American oak flooring, particularly when an oil-based sealer is applied.

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