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Engineered Oak Flooring Manufacturers

Engineered board flooring can be extremely stable and suitable for installation over under-floor heating and in many other situations where moisture levels can fluctuate (see oak engineered board flooring case study). Comprising a hardwood veneer which has been glued to a softwood, ply or OSB backing, engineered flooring can be glued to an existing sub-floor such as concrete, nailed or screwed where appropriate, or fitted as a floating floor.
See below for different options in oak engineered flooring.

Manufactured in the UK mill, we can supply

  • 21 mm thick comprising a single plank 6 mm oak surface layer on a multi-layer plywood backing, and comes in widths of 140, 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240 mm, lengths mainly from 2 to 2.4 metres. Our oak engineered board can be supplied unfinished, pre-finished with natural oil or hard wax/oil, brushed, with the option of staining in various shades, jacobean oak, dark oak, walnut, mahogany or white.
  • As above, but with an OSB backing. Because engineered board flooring is a fairly recent development, the long term durability is unknown. Much depends on the quality of adhesives used, and in the case of a ply backing, there are many layers of glue on which the integrity of the floor depends. For this reason the latest technology is to use OSB (oriented strand board) as the backing. Made up of thin chips of wood which are bonded under pressure with resin, this produces a material for which there are no bonding, delaminating, or moisture issues. Manufactured in the UK mill using the same oak surface layer as in our solid range (most engineered flooring sold in the UK is imported from the Far East),this product will be available from November.

We can also supply other imported engineered flooring in various sizes mainly in natural grade engineered oak, (but not the staining options) for example

  • 22 mm thick with a 6 mm oak surface layer, 220 mm wide on a ply backing, unfinished or brushed and oiled
  • 22 mm by 189 mm wide on a softwood 3 layer backing, unfinished or UV oiled.
  • 20 mm by 190 mm with a 5 mm wear layer, either brushed and oiled, or matt lacquered.
  • 18 mm by 127 mm, both natural and select grade single plank engineered oak board flooring, ply backing,
  • 14 mm by 148 mm by 1830 mm either lacquered or oiled.
  • 15 mm by 189 mm by 1830 mm either lacquered or oiled.
  • We also supply a 3 strip oak engineered board, 14 mm by 189 mm.

What are the benefits of engineered oak flooring compared with solid? Although more expensive than the solid equivalent, all things being equal, an engineered floor offers greater stability, particularly if the engineered floor has an OSB or a ply backing, which means that it is a safer bet if fitting over underfloor heating or in e.g.a conservatory. This does not mean, of course, that in situations where the environment is stable, engineered flooring has any particular advantage over solid flooring. In normal domestic situations oak engineered flooring does have the additional benefit of being suitable for installation as a floating floor. Once fitted, a single plank oak engineered board looks exactly the same as solid wood flooring. See also pros and cons.
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