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Solid Wood Flooring from Hackworth Sawmill

Our Traditional Floorboard range of 20 mm wood flooring products can be tongued and grooved sides and ends with stress grooves in the reverse, or square edged. A Micro-bevel on the edge of boards is optional. Boards are normally filled and sanded and can be pre-finished with a hard wax/oil satin polish if required to reduce installation time and dust. Lengths are mixed, but we make every effort to supply boards as long as possible, in the following materials .

European Oak Traditional Floorboards – Mixed lengths mainly from 1.5 up to 2.7 metres, widths 100,120,140,160,180,200, and 220 mm. Boards are filled and pre-sanded, or pre-finished if required, with natural oil or a hard wax/oil sealer. Can be planed down to 16 mm thick if required. Can be bevelled if required. Various staining options available.

Character Grade – Contains some knots and grain patterns, some colour variation. Our most popular hardwood floor.
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Prime Grade – Mainly free of knots, prime grade oak flooring is very difficult to source particularly in wider boards.

Ash – A light coloured and very hard wood, with some darker colour variation in some boards. Makes a very attractive wooden floor. Not stocked currently but timber can be bought in and machined if required. Available as engineered flooring, see below

Pitch Pine – Available as a mixed grade floor with lots of character and pattern, various widths as available

American Black Walnut – A dark, almost purple wood floor. Not stocked currently, but timber can be bought in and machined if required. As an alternative, see American black walnut strip flooring below.

Our 20 mm solid strip flooring is generally narrower and in shorter lengths than our floorboard range. It usually requires light sanding after installation. Products are tongued and grooved on all four sides, stress grooves in reverse, and mixed lengths usually from about 400 mm up to possibly 1.6 metres, in the following (scroll down for full list).

American Oak – Mixed lengths from about 400 mm up to 1.6 metres, although prime could be less. Available in
prime grade, Widths mainly 63, 89, 114 mm,
natural grade 63, 89, 114, 150, 165 mm.
rustic grade 140 and 180 mm

American Black Walnut – A mixed grade with some lighter colour variation and occasional knots. Widths 89, 114 and 140 mm.

Canadian Maple – A light coloured and very hard wood, widths generally 57, and 83 mm. Available grades are
natural (character) grade – Contains colour variation with some dark streaks and patches, and occasional knots. Very distinctive wooden floor.
prime – A clear grade with some slight variation in colour, maximum length 1.2 metres
Blocks available.

Canadian Cherry – Generally darker in colour than European Cherry. Natural grade, widths 89, 114 and 140 mm.

Iroko – Available in prime grade, width 67 mm.

Jatoba – Available in prime grade, width 135 mm.

Strip overlay flooring is generally 9 mm thick and tends to be narrower than the above, typically 70 mm wide, in the following materials

European Oak Overlay Strip – 9 mm thick, width 70 mm, mixed lengths. Available in prime and character grades.

American Black Walnut – 90 mm by 9 mm, natural grade

Iroko – 67 mm by 9 mm

Jatoba – 67 mm by 9 mm

Our pre-finished flooring is supplied in mixed lengths with 5 coats of semi-gloss sealer. Boards are generally 18 mm thick, tongued and grooved on all four sides, and edges are micro-bevelled. The following are available (see also pre-sanded/pre-finished option for long floorboards above)

Oak – 90 , 110, 130, and 150 mm in natural grade, 108 and 150 mm in select grade, 125 mm in prime grade.

Canadian Maple – 125 mm natural and prime grade

American Black Walnut – natural grade, 83, 110, 130 and 150 mm

Jatoba – 120 by 18 mm

Birch Olive – 120 by 18 mm

Blacknut – 120 by 18 mm

Roast Blacknut – 120 by 18 mm

Kempas – 120 by 18 mm

We supply wood blocks generally in sizes 20 mm by 70 mm by 230 mm in Oak, Iroko, Maple,and American Black Walnut.

(115 mm, 140 mm and 165 mm), and Architrave- oak in stock, some other timbers machined to order.  Profiles are ogee, torus, and square edged planed all round.

We also supply a wide range of profiles in various timbers, e.g quarter round, scotia, end cap, reducers, stair nosings.

Sealers and Adhesives – Some in stock, many other hardwood flooring sealers available.

Engineered Wood Floors – We stock a very good quality engineered board, un-finished or pre-finished, single plank, in oak, 21 mm thick with a 6 mm surface layer in widths of 140, 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240 mm,

Alternatives in single plank oak are pre-finished 127 mm by 18 mm with a 4 mm surface layer, 148 mm by 14mm, and 189 by 15 mm.
In walnut we supply 20 mm (4 mm) by 150 and 189 mm, 127 mm by 14 mm, and un-finished 189 mm by 15 mm.
In Cherry 127 mm by 18 mm.
In Larch, we supply 190 mm by 15 mm, oiled
We also supply a range of 20 mm engineered floors in Ash,Elm, Jatoba, Beech, Maple, Iroko, Sapele, Douglas Fir, and Pitch Pine.

We can also supply a 210 mm wide by 15 mm thick 3 strip board with a 4 mm thick surface layer, pre-finished, in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Hevea, Iroko, Jatoba, Kempas, Maple, American Walnut, and White Oak.

We can supply sawn, square edged, and planed timber.

We are happy for enquiries up to 10 p.m. and at weekends. If we are here, we will talk to you. To discuss your requirements, with no obligation, please contact Gerry Molsom on 01507 526428 or 07770 903090